‘A Flower Child’ is a platform for Visual Arts, Children’s Books and Storytelling founded by Neha Khaitan.

A ‘flower child’ symbolizes hippies and it originated in 1960s in San Francisco during the countercultural movement (Summer of Love). Then, the ‘flower children’ wore and distributed flowers or floral themed decorations to spread the ideals of universal belonging, peace, love and propagate lifestyles alternative to the traditional. ‘A Flower Child’ is an adaptation of this ideology of the “flower children” and it strives to spread its motto – Expressing one’s self using words, actions, performing arts, fine arts and other forms does great deal of good to everybody involved.

cropped-afcbanner_white1.jpgNEHA KHAITAN


Neha is a Bharatanatyam dancer and Visual Artist from Hyderabad. Starting as a Computer Sciences Engineer, she shifted to a career in performing and visual arts.

Neha engages in Visual Arts and Illustrations. She ideates on what she reads and general experiences that have left an impression on her. Her styles include ink-on-paper and mixed-media collages. She also uses surreal imagery in her artwork. She draws inspiration from Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Romare Bearden and Hannah Hoch. She also follows the Fauvist style of paintings and likes to experiment with the style.

Neha has also illustrated for children’s books and short stories for know publishers in the country. She has had several art shows and Bharatanatyam performances in India and Abroad.

Artwork from ‘A Flower Child’ is available as Prints and on Notebooks. For enquiries  please get in touch at info@aflowerchild.com or neha.khaitan@gmail.com